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Our Story

Alynn was the brainchild of Alan and Lynn Cadan, who founded the brand in 1979. Both Alan and Lynn had roots in the fashion business that predated them for decades, so they were no strangers to the industry. After years of working for a custom clothier and experiencing firsthand what people wanted, Alan noticed that something was missing--fun, creative neckties--and he set out to create just that. For several reasons, like not wanting to commute into New York City to work anymore (who does?), yearning to spend more time with his children, and knowing that he had just the right amount of biting humor and whimsical imagination to make this dream a reality, Alynn (a portmanteau of Alan and Lynn) was born.

The business had humble beginnings. The Cadan family started designing and selling ties out of their basement and taking calls from their dining room table. Everyone from Alan’s mother to their four children got on board to help, and within a few years, this little basement business was featured in The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Cadan, recognizing that powerful people have a sense of humor and that one of the easiest ways to display this humor in a professional setting is through fun neckwear, started sending his ties to them. Before long, dignitaries, senators, celebrities, and even presidents were proudly donning Alynn neckties. The business grew, orders tripled, and Mr. and Mrs. Cadan worked day and night to continue creating their signature, conversational designs.

One of their children, Andy Cadan, joined the firm after venturing off on his own for a few years (outside work has always been a prerequisite for any of their children considering joining the family business, so they could discover who they are independently before diving head-first into neckwear). In 2012, Andy partnered with Wild Attire, Inc. to continue keeping the legacy alive. Today Alynn operates out of Southern California, where we continue to offer quality conversational neckwear and unparalleled customer service.

When you wear an Alynn product, you aren’t just wearing a tie, or a pair of cufflinks, or a scarf. You’re wearing an idea. You’re keeping the conversation going. You’re telling the world that you have a unique sense of humor (and a sense of style, to boot!), and that’s all we could have ever asked for.

We’ve been making the improbable a reality for over 30 years. We are Alynn Neckwear.

Our Designs

Alan and Lynn's dedication to quirky humor has manifested itself in our selection of unique designs. We hold fast to the principle that a man is nothing without his humor and hope to instill personality into men's wardrobes near and far. Our designs are developed in-house and are the heart of our brand. We take great care in creating designs that not only speak to each man's individuality, but capture timeless style. Each of our ties are designed with the intent to strike up conversation and inject some humor into the wearer’s everyday life.


Our dedication to providing quality, hand-crafted products is the foundation of our brand. From our low-tech origins, hand-painting our tie designs, to our innovative modern designs, our high standards for quality have remained constant. The hand-folded and sewn silk ties that we produce are our legacy and they are what have set us apart in the industry. We have recently expanded our Alynn collection to include cufflinks and silk scarves, and we are continually aspiring to bring new and exciting products into the mix.

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